Traditional Irish Music Sessions

Somewhere Else Pub and Grill

2nd and 4th Saturday of the month, from 2 till 4PM. All ages welcome.

2605 Broadway Ave. South

Come and check out one of these monthly Irish music sessions in Saskatoon. Sit and listen, or bring an instrument and join in. You're in for a good time no matter what!

These sessions are for musicians at all levels, for singers, for dancers, and for the enjoyment of anyone who chooses to come. These are not "open stages" for individual performers but are sessions for playing music as a general group, learning new tunes, and good company. If you're new to the sessions and interested in joining in, there are some tips for getting started here.

Annual General Meeting

This is an opportunity to come and see what Comhaltas is all about. We are always looking for new members! The Annual General Meeting is held in September or October of each year.

Ceilis and Concerts

Ceilis are parties featuring live traditional music and Irish social dancing (ceili dancing) which can be learned on the floor. Ceilis are held whenever there is enough interest; usually there are at least two each year: one in autumn and one in spring.

Concerts include performances by local musicians, by out-of-town performers, and periodically the "Echoes of Erin" North American tour of champion musicians and dancers from Ireland.

Additional Music Information


Some of the musicians that gather at Comhaltas sessions also play professionally and accept performance bookings. Click here for more information.

Music Instruction

Some of the musicians that gather at Comhaltas sessions also offer instruction in the playing of various instruments. Click here for more information.